The Industry Summit is a series of regional conferences designed with workshop format sessions that will take place several times a year. This series will serve as a platform for increased collaborative effort that removes boundaries and encourages conversation for business & community building.


- SERIES No. 11

Workplace Well-Being Training for Managers & Leaders

Monday July 18, 2022 [ARCHIVED]

Learn how we can all collaborate together to make the Southern Tier a more productive, healthy, and thriving community.

6 SESSIONS @ $0 [Light Lunch Provided]

- SERIES No. 10

Upstate Rural Broadband Conference

Tuesday June 28, 2022 [ARCHIVED]

Southern Tier’s first-event broadband summit focused on critical infrastructure for the future of our region.

6 SESSIONS @ $75 [Breakfast, Lunch, + Happy Hour included]

- SERIES No. 9


Thursday February 10, 2022 [ARCHIVED]

The Winter 2021 Virtual Housing Industry Summit Series will convene a diverse group of community stakeholders on a bi-weekly basis to learn about the Southern Tier’s most pressing housing issues.

6 SESSIONS @ $0 []

- SERIES No. 5

Recruiting and Retaining Workers in Recovery

Wednesday June 24, 2020 [ARCHIVED]

This Industry Summit Series will be held in 3 Zoom meetings. Registration is free and includes all three sessions. Sponsored by Southern Tier 8 and ARC.

3 SESSIONS @ $0 [Each Wednesday]

- SERIES No. 4

Drone Usage in Stormwater Management

Wednesday March 11, 2020 [ARCHIVED]

Learn how drones help document stormwater infrastructure. This event will showcase new technologies on mapping water flow, arial othro-photography, and other tools.

7 SESSIONS @ $0 [Lunch will be provided]

- SERIES No. 3

Agriculture & Food

Thursday May 23, 2019 [ARCHIVED]

An economic conference focused on connecting and maximizing opportunities within the agriculture and food service industries throughout the Southern Tier of New York.

17 SESSIONS @ $69 [Refreshments and Lunch Provided]

- SERIES No. 2

Active Recovery Workforce

Wednesday April 10, 2019 [ARCHIVED]

Recruiting, training and retaining workers in recovery.

8 SESSIONS @ $20 [Breakfast Provided]

- SERIES No. 1


Wednesday November 28, 2018 [ARCHIVED]

Join others in your industry to increase your bottom line and help reshape the economy of the Southern Tier.

10 SESSIONS @ $49 [Refreshments and Lunch Provided]